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We create the software you use every day. Sometimes it is software revolution and sometimes it is software evolution. The most important thing is the outcome — software that works the way you want it to.

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We use PHP to create opensource software that’s free to use and modify. PHP is a great scripting language to develop any software for Web, Mobile, IBM i or any other platform. You can count on our PHP skills, as we specialize in this field for over a decade.

Our clients include banks, automakers, construction companies, health care services, airports, railway companies and other corporate clients. Database servers in companies of this size process huge amounts of information every day. We provide new software solutions that are more efficient, easy-to-use and reliable than the older ones.

How can we help you?


  • Sophisticated Web Applications, powered by jQuery, AJAX, PHP, XHTML/CSS and MySQL, DB2, ORACLE and more
  • Great software for any platform (IBM i, Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Mobile apps that help you do your job when you’re not at your desk
In brief: We help you do your job better.

iDataGrid for IBMi AS400 PHP


iDataGrid for IBM i

IBM i database tool that makes difficult things
easy and turns the impossible into possible.

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Our loyal customers:


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Our clients rely on our software every day. The success of their business largely depends on our software. We are proud to know that people trust us and make every effort to deserve this.

Why did our clients choose us? Because…

We develop your software the way you want it, as this is you who will be using it.
This is why your view is more important than any academic software design rules, technical limitations or any other reasons one can find in order just not to go beyond the regular process. We are not looking for excuses, we just do our job the way you need it.

We believe that modern software must be convenient for everyone.
From a software developer who will write add-ons to a regular employee who will use that software every day. We develop algorithms and design interfaces in a way that will minimize training requirements. Our clients recognize the value of time. What about you?

We focus on finding efficient solutions for your business.
We have been working with corporate clients for many years and know what is important and what is not. All our ideas and offers have a solid economic basis. Yes, we are software developers and you are business people, but we understand your objectives, strategies and priorities and speak the same language.

Our Work

Revolutions and evolutions
of clients’ software

What Our Clients and Partners Say About Us

I recommend Openiview as a professional consultant for (PHP) project integration. PHP is the best cost effective choice for modernizing IBM i legacy applications.

Dani Peled, Information Services CenterMaccabi Healthcare Services

PHP (integration by Openiview) has become a synonym for innovation in Iscar. We have improved the IT Services for our suppliers and customers, which translates into a potentially higher customer satisfaction.

Danny Goldbaum, Information Technology CenterIscar Corporation

Our Expertise

We proffer high quality and best PHP development services provided with highly qualified professionals in this field. Along with creating web applications powered by a combination of  jQuery, AJAX, PHP, XHTML/css and MySQL, DB2, ORACLE  we also upgrade our expertise with the latest in web technologies. We are using ZEND products like ZEND Studio, ZEND Framework and other ZEND products in order to be efficient and to develop powerful business applications and websites.


Let’s Be In Touch

In a nutshell, our prompt services, great client support and programming expertise combined with cost effective pricing have allowed us to achieve nourishing acknowledgment in a large business customer’s arena in Israel.
We’d love to hear from you not only in terms of orders and cooperation. We’re always open to new ideas and new people.